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Carmen Siebold, the Frankfurt Designer , startet her design studio and label in 2014, and went to market with her childrens’ products in 2016. During that time she developed many products.

Versatility, attention to detail, yet defined and distinct lines – those are the features of CasieLiving.
Form, function and materials of the products sense users on a journey of discovery and provide room for individual use and shaping of one’s own design.

Her label ‚CasieLiving‘ uses local handicraft businesses for the manufacturing of her children’s furniture and living accessories. In her creative works Siebold pays special attention to the fact that materials and surfaces are particularly suitable for children, inviting them to play and be creative themselves. Her designs integrate aesthetically thought-through solutions into the every day life of families.

Originally, Siebold worked for several fashion companies after having studied fashion design and clothing technology. However the transition into working with natural material wood originated when she became pregnant because she was looking for a practical and well thoughtout designed solid changing table and couldn’t find one and therefore designed her own. This was the inspiration for her present brand CasieLiving.

Siebolds latest designs „parcours“, a bed shelf with play functions received the award FORM #2016 and the high desk „social“ was nominated for the German Design Award 2018.